Special minecraft server

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1 - Cheating is not allowed

modified clients and hack, cheat clients causes directly to ban

2 - Swearing is not allowed

swearing with bad words like "fu**" or "sh$t" and etc... causes to mute
3 - Bullying is not allowed
being toxic and rude doesn't make your personality cool.. it causes to mute
4 - Spamming useless messages is not allowed a a a a aa A, as you can see its not allowed to do that, it causes to mute!
5 - Advertising and sharing aren't allowed you cannot advertise any server or website or else you will get muted
6 - Putting a badskin or a badname aren't allowed putting a naked body skin or any bad name like "urmom" or etc.
will cause u to ban!

7 - Talking about debt and policy aren't allowed
i can't put examples here
8 - Discussing about drama is not allowed talking about sad stories&drama or anything like that causes to mute,
this server is for fun

9 - Selling your own products in the server is not allowed this is a minecraft server community, you cannot sell anything,
else you will get muted!

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BlackPearl server features

Discord & Minecraft Rank conenction by executing 1 command

Every rank has its feature, gadgets, kits, vip stuff, commands

Discord and minecraft

join message


Fast staff support

user-friendly member system

easy simple small rules


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